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Vibes Media Interviews Studio Boss (SB)

Vibes Media Host Funsho_Pr Had A Special Interview Session With The Best Producer Of The Moment SB The Studio Boss


Funsho_Pr: We want to know you better. Who is SB ?
SB: I’m Oluwole Daramola Ebenezer by name popularity known as SB(StudioBoss) or Sbthaproducer. From Ondo state.

Funsho_Pr: How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

SB: I started music production 8years back learning was actually not easy cos i learnt music production not the normally way, Why I said  just normal way is that while learning my boss just started learning too lol.

Funsho_Pr: Smiles So we can say u are learning From a Learner ?
SB: You can see its not normal
Funsho_Pr: With all the music producers in the world,what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field?
SB: Hmmmm thats a deep question o….

Funsho_Pr: Deserve a deep answer too

SB: Production is inspirational,We can’t have the same vibe at all and one thing about naija music now is blending in I learnt from a very rural area (IFO/Ogun state), so staying in till now is Gods grace and blending in like I said.
Funsho_Pr: Nice, that’s true. How long did it take you roughly to start excelling with your career?
SB: It took me less than 3month oo
Funsho_pr: So fast 
SB: Thats because i know am learning from a learner 
Funsho_Pr: How did you build contacts /clients?
SB: It’s all God oo I cant say this is how but i know its God sha,But i got my most sure artist from school tho.

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Funsho_Pr: If you can come up withh one habit that could possibly ruin or stall a person’s career, what would that downfall be?
SB: Ahhh I can’t do that broNever ,So I can’t think of anything.
Funsho_Pr: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and committment,how much time do you dedicate towards your work?
SB: Like 15/16hours out of 24hours lol.
Funsho_Pr: How did you manage your education with  career
SB: Ama graduate already,From Tasued(tai solarin university of edu) studied Educational management and Yoruba education..Graduated 2016/17.
Funsho_Pr:  Do you have any challenges with your parent when u started this Career?
SB: Yes oo my dad Thats why i said my learning is not normal cos i was satisfying my dad with learning shoe making while learning music production too….
Funsho_Pr: Wtf, What is your Greatest Challenges?
SB: Thats naija artist oCos some artist actually don’t have conscience at all

Funsho_Pr: That’s true, Can we kw the list of People you have Worked with?
Funsho_Pr: That’s great,Your Relationship Status?

Funsho_Pr: I know this will be ur answer……I Hope the person dating you wont see this lol….
SB: Lol
Funsho_Pr: Your Birthday Date?
SB: November 19
Funsho_Pr: Your Role model?
SB: Only1sarz
Funsho_Pr: If you are opportune to travel to a Country where would it be?
SB: Nah USA 🇺🇸 o
Funsho_Pr: Smiles, Your words of encouragement to Your Fans?
SB: I really appreciate their support so far and they should expect more hit from me sure.
Funsho_Pr: Thanks for Your Time King….. I really Appreciate….
SB: Ulwc and thanks to you too G
Funsho_Pr: SB tha Beat is The BOss in ur signature voice
SB: LolIts SB(studioboss)oooo