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Vibes Media Interviews Fast Rising YYB Star Snoweezy

Vibes Media Host Hypeman MayorGold Had An Wonderful Interview Session With YYB Record Superstar Snoweezy


MAYOR GOLD: Hello Good day Can we get to meet you who’s Snoweezy?

Snoweezy: Snoweezy, is a fast rising music artist that hails from osun state but born and breed in sagamu, ogun state. His full names are Aderinoye Hassan Taiwo

MAYOR GOLD: Wow Nice , Snoweezy in one Word how was growing Up like for you?

Snoweezy: I grew up at sagamu ogun state, where i did my primary and secondary school. I went to Advanced breed private schools for my primaries and Went to Mayflower For the junior secondary education, i finished my senior secondary education at ikenne community high school at ikenne ogun state.

MAYOR GOLD: Wow… Good to hear that , recently you drop a new vibe which is one of the trending songs right now, can you tell us what inspired the song first?

Snoweezy: What inspired the song was that, on the day of recording i had a little problem with my vocal cords which made it hard for me to sing out my voice normally. I couldn’t do anything on all the beats given to me by the producer cuz my voice was so hoarse, it took me almost 3 days using all sort of drugs and treatment at the studio before i was able to say a few words clearly and louder. 
The sadness of not being able to do what was expected of me due to the hoarseness of my voice made me start questioning myself like “ what’s really happening? I wanna know, why’s everything going slow or was it cuz of the cough syrup (Codeine)  i used ? Thus the chorus was made and alongside Bella shumrda we made a hit.

MAYOR GOLD: Somebodi pray for me I hope after the interview you would pray for me…. Listening to the song I felt like it’s a motivational song why BELLA SHUMURDA (vision 2020 crooner) on the song ?

Snoweezy: Actually, the plan was to feature Bella on a different song which i have recorded already. But on getting to the studio i lost my voice so I wasn’t able to continue with the flow.. but then we need to so something. So after recording the chorus to SOMBODI, Bella felt in love with the vibe more than i do, so we worked on it together.

MAYOR GOLD: Wow so I would say it was a different song you had intention having Bella On but Boom SOMBODI came out well was the studio Experience with BELLA SHUMURDA coming from the fact that he is also Making wave to in the Country Right now

Snoweezy: It took us a while before we later met at the studio, cuz he was busy at the first day and the time he was less busy i and my team was in a location for my photoshoot. But finally when we both met at the studio it was worthy and the flow was mad! We created magic, we did a lot of freestyles before and after recording SOMBODI.

MAYOR GOLD: Nice to hear that so any musical video to the hit song or visuals?

Snoweezy: We are planning on a visuals as soon as possible

MAYOR GOLD: Good any new project after Sombodi what should your Fans be expecting from you before 2020 ends?

Snoweezy: A lot of projects, Expect works of art at its peak.

MAYOR GOLD: We would keep fingers crossed before we cut it off any crazy experience s or encounter so far?

Snoweezy: Hmm I haven’t had any yet.

MAYOR GOLD: Wow , how’s it balancing other activities With Your music career??

Snoweezy: Nothing in this world comes easy, it’s been God with the help of my team (YYB records).

MAYOR GOLD: Any words of motivation to your fans and inspiring young ones??

Snoweezy: Keep going, keep doing what you know how to do best and believe in what you believe in. Someone is watching.

MAYOR GOLD: We hope by when you drop your new projects and when we invite you to come around to have a session with you , you would not Ignore our invite?

Snoweezy: Yes I’ll always be available. Vibes Media Family for life to me.