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Vibes Media Interviews Dreylee

Vibes Media Host Hypeman MayorGold Had An Wonderful Interview Session With Upcoming Rap King Dreylee


MAYOR GOLD: Hello can we get to meet you who’s Dreylee ? 

Dreyleah Para: Yo, Dreylee is an unsigned Indigenous talented rapper who hails from Ogun State Ijebu Ode, but grew up and currently base in  Ikorodu Lagos.

MAYOR GOLD: Wow Would say your one of the Trending Ikorodu Finest !!…Your full Name ?

Dreyleah Para: Ooooshey, Uhm I’m oluwadamilare by birth who came up from the family of Adekoya..

MAYOR GOLD: Cool , How was growing up like for you in one word?Dreyleah Para: Like I’ve said,I grew up at Ikorodu where I was done with my SSCE, I went to Homat Unique Group of Schools, Odogunyan. And earlier Dec2019 I got an admission into Lagos State Polytechnic where I’m now running my higher institution there as a Great_Manager(Busi.Admin).

MAYOR GOLD: Cool, what Motivated you to start Singing ? Or are you in the class of I Started from the Street !!!

Dreyleah Para: Ooooooh, what motivated me?  YeehPah, Well I can say I was the one who motivated myself at first in singing before Olamide Baddoo now got me motivated after few years Dagrin Akogun died,all I could noticed then was that whatever I can be doing, music comes out from me to speak out itself then I could not let that got wasted cos I’m sure that’s a talent, not just that I love music but music choose me.. But you know nah.. ,Oshaamor, in this music life of nowadays, “Unsuccessful people with talent are common, they are much more then successful people with No talent.. So that’s just it…

MAYOR GOLD: Cool Cool , But at a point you got Discouraged from families and friends or  did they Support you from the very first day?

Dreyleah Para: Uhmm, I would say mom did not support me from day one as I started this, but I always let her realize that this is not my work, it is my talent cos music choose me  not for bad but for good cos she’s so scared of musicians,although she’s always happy whenever people calls me this nickname LAMAANTAKUOMEH so she feels so excited but she’s just being scared base on I’m her only son out 3.. Dad and others fully support me, friends are also supportive and they always ginger me not to stop cos anyone can blow at any fucking time as I know that music is not by age.. So I fit blow through anybody, e fit even be you Oshaamor

Dreyleah Para: Though sometimes I feel like relenting when I see someone who is not even more talented than I but I immediately think about where I was coming from and how this started with me and then I shake off my body and keep pushing cos I’m sure that oneday oneday, I’m gonn be blown

MAYOR GOLD: Anybody can  Blow Any God Damm Time that s True !! What inspires your Song any Time you about to Record 

Dreyleah Para: What inspires me in any song I’m about to record whenever I wanna do that is that, two or more people who always advises me about life has told me that they sees good potentials in me and I have a goal to score in any recording match, I don’t usually record like I’m still an upcoming, I always make sure I records like person wey don know about music tey tey and wey don blow.. That really inspires me alot sir

MAYOR GOLD: Cool , So Far any BIG Show Or Concert You had been to so ?Dreyleah Para: Uhm I’ve been going to shows and been trying to shot down parties while performance is going on.. But the biggest show I once went to was a concert which Wayvee Nation Artist SUPERWOZZY did at FUTA,that was April 2019.. I was given a slot to perform and I bless God I made it done and I met some top trending fast rising artistes there too.. But I’m still expecting more by god’s grace shaa

MAYOR GOLD: Looking in to the Nigeria Music Industry So Far what s your View About it are we  meeting the International Standard ??

Dreyleah Para: Uhmmm, Actually I’ve not gone so far in the music industry but I hope in God and the Team (KRIB_ENT)  giving me guidelines, then all will be better. We’re gonn meet up with the international standard just not in hurry.

MAYOR GOLD: Cool,  Balancing school and Music How s it been? 

Dreyleah Para: Uhn I’m coping,school and music not really easy for me but God gats my back.. It’s just that  E no sure for anybody.. So I would say its been God always from day_zero. We human are just planning, only God makes work done..

MAYOR GOLD: Cool , what should we expect from Dreylee before  the end of 2020??

Dreyleah Para: YeehPah, Dreylee is coming out big, I still got a lot of hot cooking jamz in the big pot that I have not serve them,but for sure I pray for grace.. Make una dey expect fire cos I’ll make sure some works get done this year by God’s grace..

MAYOR GOLD: Any Big Artist you Planning to work With In the Nearest future?..

Dreyleah Para: Omo won tin ba oh.. I’m planning to work with some hot artistes that I fucking so much love.. Such as Seyi Vibez, Otega,BoyBella, Mohbad and Lyta.. Those are who  goes on my list for now, but later something more than I expect would come in, lots of work to make together with different kinds of top artists even in abroad if God says

MAYOR GOLD: I listen to your song before coming On Air and I heard Lamatakumeh what’s the Meaning or is it because Zlatan Ibile from Ikorodu uses #Kapachimarimarichopaco… what s the idea behind yours?? 

Dreyleah Para: Oooh not that zlatan found his own made me too created mine oh.. Right down from inside me, I’m a gentle boy, a little bad boy on the other side.. More so some people mostly put Para at the back of my name so then something like combining some funny words on my own came on my mind, I settled down and named myself LaMaaNTaKuOmeh.. People in my school especially in my dept loves to call me this name more than my stage name.. And this simply means Gentle_Bad_Boy

MAYOR GOLD: Are you single ? (So the Ladies can slide in to Your D.M)

Dreyleah Para: Mophor oh, oror buruku pelu smiling… Well I would say I’m single for now, but I got a bestie and just a girlfriend.. My bestie is my SCHOOL(Education)  and my girlfriend is MUSIC.. music toasted me and I considered it.. But that does not stop ladies to slide in my DM they are free to….

MAYOR GOLD: Let’s play a game choose one having Zlatan Ibile in  a free Song Or Traveling with Davido To Dubai which would you go for?….

Dreyleah Para: This is hard to choose, but well I would say I’ll have Zlatan Ibile on a free song.. If I drop song and I kon blow, I go go pass Dubai, I fit even go BaiDu.. Lol 

MAYOR GOLD: Funny , Any Record Label Or Management  your currently Sign Too?…

Dreyleah Para: Uhmmmm I would say no, I’m still an unsigned. But I got a Nigeria–Foreign Management have me for pushing me up and be giving me guidelines, that’s KRIB.MEDIA _ENT . but if any record deal comes up KRIB doesn’t stop me cos they are not a record label, they are just a team who loves to push up an artist who is talented and I’ll be their frontline artist… Record label to ba sign me wonti sign market

MAYOR GOLD: Any One who has Been an Inspiration to you so far Feel feel to give a shout out to them!!….. 

Dreyleah Para: Yeah my shoutouts goes….. Issh ur boi dreylee, LaMaaNTaKuOmeh.. Eyin temi you no go die young, nah buns and puff puff you go buy you no go buy bomb, Keep moving and never be depressed 

MAYOR GOLD: Your fans lovers of your vibes what words of encouragement you got for them And those inspiring young ones who wants to Be like Dreylee _Para

Dreyleah Para: Yo they should keep elevating,motivating and big thanks to them all for following me up on any dropped jam that landed..shout outs to all the young’s kids that wanto be me..

MAYOR GOLD: It’s Fun having you Dreylee  I would say you are A bunch of Talent .. For those who want to follow you on Instagram what s your IG Handle

Dreyleah Para: Yo thanks man I appreciate.. I no get followers but Ajeh my people love me.. I beg you all to follow on IG @iam_dreylee .. Ain’t gonn make you regret of you being my fan

MAYOR GOLD: Also all of your song s can be gotten Online !! What Digital platform Are they On so Your Fans can Stream and download ??

Dreyleah Para: Uhm mostly on audiomark mark, get your audiomark app and search for dreylee,, keep streaming and god bless.. More flows and more links are still coming for you all

MAYOR GOLD: Before we go we from Vibes Media want s you to Do a freestyle using Vibes media In just few words !!!…

Dreyleah Para: Hmmmm okay.!!!  
Won ni who be this, taleleyi ni Vibezmedia Emi ni dreylee, emi eyan KribMedia Vibes ni mo fe ma spit, not just ordinary mouth spitter Make una dey support me, nah for sweet no be for bitter

MAYOR GOLD: Thats A Mind Blown Really !! It’s Fun hanging Out with you I hope when you got new project s and invite s you again you would definitely show Up ??…..

Dreyleah Para: Yeah sure, lots of projects will be unseals soon I hope so.. Call on me if you really want me to show up… Just you people should link me up, zlatan seff talk erm,”o n sun, link up” so I’ll always got your attention