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Vibes Media Interviews Dammy Rich

Funsho Vibes Media Interview Host Had A Cool Session With Upcoming Rap Superstar Dammy Rich Who’s Latest Hit With TSalt TTMF Is Still Trending


Funsho_Pr: Good Evening King. We want to know you better. Who is Dammyrich?
Dammyrich: I Go by the name Ajayi Ayoola Damilola And I’m well known as Dammyrich I rap, I sing and we keep moving On God.

Funsho_Pr: How did you come up with the name Dammyrich?
Dammyrich: I got the Dammy from my name Damilola and the Rich from Richard so It’s the combination of both of my names.

Funsho_Pr: Wow Nice , Dammyrich in one Word how was growing Up like for you?
Dammyrich: It’s been God all the way cos it ain’t easy, but We keep chasing till we reach the peak.

Funsho_Pr: Good to hear that , recently you dropped a jam with TsaltElomi which is one of the trending songs right now, between with some of the little research we did we found out the song was a freestyle so can you tell us what inspired you to revive the song with TsaltElomi?
Dammyrich: Yeah! Trip To my Feelings was a soul touching music that really touched me after I recorded It. I and my team dropped it back then as a freestyle but we noticed it was well received by lots of people out there, they really loved It so we decided to make it a single Not just a single but with the one only Tsalt Elomi and he really supported me. Big ups to him.

Funsho_Pr: Wow that’s nice and it’s so obvious the song was a success. So did you encounter any challenge when you told your parent about starting a music career?
Dammyrich: Well when I started my music career I was actually hiding It from them, But i got no choice than to let them know about it because people have been telling em your Boy is a musician and he’s really making waves  plus they heard my sounds in different places which made them believe in my craft and I’d say hustle so they had no choice than to give a go ahead.
Funsho_Pr: Who were your influences growing up? And now,who do you see as an Idol in the game?
Dammyrich: My influences are; Olamide Baddo himself,Meek mill, 2pac, Dagrin and My idol in the game rn is Wizkid
Funsho_Pr: That’s Nice. So have you ever had any ‘crazy fan encounter so far’?
Dammyrich: Uhmm Not Really.

Funsho_Pr: Oh okay. So what is or are your source of inspiration?
Dammyrich: Well, I believe if it’s truly your talent you’re gonna get your Inspiration in any fvcking place and any god damn time i don’t know about others tho, but most times i get Inspired when I see great things and big waves made my youngings like Koffe winning awards in the Grammy already and lots of them out there making waves like Rema and the likes.
Funsho_Pr: That’s Great. So Has the internet; social media, Blogs and so on helped your career in any way?
Dammyrich: Oh Yeah So far so good the internet has really helped but The Lord is the mighty one making it all good
Funsho_Pr: We’d like to know your relationship status?
Dammyrich: It’s Complicated 

Funsho_Pr: Your female celebrity crush?

Dammyrich: I’d say Koffe.
Funsho_Pr: In conclusion, what would you like to add? Any shout-outs or any word of motivation to your fans out there?
Dammyrich: Uhmm I wanna say a big shout out to my fans and fams out there supporting me and they should keep supporting and I’m not gonna disappoint em. They should expect more of me we coming out strong and big they should keep supporting the movement ️. They should all  keep chasing and believing in their dreams no matter the circumstances. Y’all should stay safe and be happy

Funsho_Pr: Thanks for the Time King, We are Glad to have you.

Dammyrich: God Bless